Providing Strategic Energy Services

In most cases Proton Energy Group is able to obtain better rates and terms for you than you are able to obtain on your own. Most business owners and operators quite simply are not well equipped to handle and effectively negotiate an energy contract or develop an intelligent energy procurement strategy. We are experts at this and do it every day. We also leverage our relationships with the top suppliers of energy to obtain better rates and terms than you can on your own- even with the same supplier directly.We specialize in shopping your energy costs around- we will compare prices with numerous suppliers and find the lowest price or best options for you. Best of all our service is always 100% Free to you! So why not use the energy experts at Proton Energy Group?

Get Your Energy Under Control

Depending on market condition, typical immediate savings could range from 10-30% monthly. Additional increased long term savings can be even greater when you “fix” your price for energy for years to come. Bottom line is that when you put suppliers in a competitive situation to fight for your business –YOU WIN!

Work With Experts in Efficiency

Our goal is to remain lean and flexible with as little overhead as possible so that we may best service our clients interests and offer the best possible levels of customer service. We are in a unique position to offer free and unbiased advice and analysis at no cost or obligation, while also providing and obtaining extremely aggressive prices and rates. Quite simply we can and will outcompete our competitors to deliver better prices, options, and customer service.

Review Your Existing Energy Usage

Many businesses overpay for energy. We can be successful at recovering overpaid money from utilities and suppliers. The Devil is in the details- and since we negotiate and review these contracts and utility bills every day we are experts at discovering things that will save you money, and recover money you might have overpaid.


Reasons to Choose Us

It costs you nothing to explore your options or ultimately make the switch. More than that our help and service is always 100% free to you. We won’t cost you a penny. We hope to put money back in your pocket, not take it out. In fact, we guarantee this.


Proton Energy Group has the experience to quickly find savings for any company. From Fortune 500 Companies to Startups.


We know in business it’s all about the people. Relationships are a fundamental part of how we conduct our business. We are dedicated to making sure your needs are met and your questions are answered.

Proactive Approach

Your time is valuable! That’s why we’re dedicated to making your energy savings our priority. We have predictive energy costs factoring. This allows us to predict your energy needs based on usage history and allows us to proactively take advantage of better rates during off-peak times.

Lowest Price

We have developed exclusive practices that save our customers money. We calculate the lowest allowable costs for each of our customers based on their needs, their location and other factors.

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Our free consultations are available on a first come first served basis. Looking to expedite your savings? Write “Fast Track” on the form below to learn more about how we can expedite your consultation.

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